2019 Quilts

The 2019 St. Martin's Parish Picnic, July 14; offers several opportunities to take home a piece of homemade art.
The Quilt Wheel raffle will start selling tickets right after the Sunday Masses. There are 200 chances on each of the six (6) full size quilts. The chances are $2.00. For each quilt, you have a one in 200 chance of winning a beautiful work of art. The quilts will be on display on the picnic grounds.

In the school gym, there will be raffle tickets available for two baby quilts. The tickets for the baby quilts are $1.00 a ticket or six (6) tickets for $5.00. The quilts will be on display in the gym on picnic day.

The auction quilts will also be on display in the gym the day of the picnic. The quilt auction starts at 6:00 p.m. in the air conditioned gym. There are 19 big quilts and 24 baby quilts along with the auction starter items which includes a set of t-towels, a wall hanging and two lap quilts of a variety of sizes and colors that can be bid on the auction. Bill Gratz is the volunteer auctioneer for the day. The preferred minimum bid on the big quilts is $400.

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Auction Starters

Auction Starter-Kitchen T-Towels (2) Auction Starter-Guiding Star Wall Hanging (32x43) Auction Starter-Around the Block Lap Quilt (40x60) Auction Starter-Garden Bouquet Lap Quilt (44x44)  
Kitchen T-Towels (7) Guiding Star Wall Hanging (32x43) Around the Block Lap Quilt (40x60) Garden Bouquet Lap Quilt (44x44)  

Auction Big Quilts

Auction-Big-Appliqued Tulip Garden (84x102) Auction-Big-Autumn Dogwood (96x106) Auction-Big-Chevron (78x104) Auction-Big-Ferris Wheel (86x96) Auction-Big-God Bless America (100x115)
Appliqued Tulip Garden (84x102) Autumn Dogwood (96x106) Chevron (78x104) Ferris Wheel (86x96) God Bless America (100x115)
Auction-Big-Going Fishing (84x96) Auction-Big-Jack & Jill (85x85) Auction-Big-Leftovers (92x102) Auction-Big-Log Cabin Star (99x111) Auction-Big-Mother Earth (83x101)
Going Fishing (84x96) Jack & Jill (85x85) Leftovers (92x102) Log Cabin Star (99x111) Mother Earth (83x101)
Auction-Big-Richard Petty-The King (98x105) Auction-Big-Snake River Log Cabin (94x94) Auction-Big-Star Spin (91x114) Auction-Big-Tilted Nine Patch (74x85) Auction-Big-Twinkle Twinkle (85x98)
Richard Petty-The King (98x105) Snake River Log Cabin (94x94) Star Spin (91x114) Tilted Nine Patch (74x85) Twinkle Twinkle (85x98)
Auction-Fields of Green (77x92) Auction-Garden Sampler (91x98) Auction-Ohio Star & Two Pillows (85x98) Auction-Big-Americana Sampler (81x92)  
Fields of Green (77x92) Garden Sampler (91x98) Ohio Star & Two Pillows (85x98) Americana Sampler (81x92)  

Baby Quilts

Baby-Sweet Meadow (34x41) Baby-Tumbling Clowns (32x41) Baby-Yellow 16 Block (45x45) Baby-You Are My Sunshine (38x46) Baby-Snow Babies (XXxXX)
Sweet Meadow (34x41) Tumbling Clowns (32x41) Yellow 16 Block (45x45) You Are My Sunshine (38x46) Snow Babies (39x48)

Baby-Bazoople Friends (35x42)

Baby-Blue Bunnies (XXxXX) Baby-Carousel Ride (49x49) Baby-Farm Lot (60x76) Baby-Fisherman Fred (36x52)
Bazoople Friends (35x42) Blue Bunnies (42x51) Carousel Ride (49x49) Farm Lot (60x76) Fisherman Fred (36x52)
Baby-Forest Animal Tree House (53x62) Baby-Garden Bunnies (34x41) Baby-Hot Air Ride (35x44) Baby-Juggling Clowns (34x45) Baby-Let's Count! (39x44)
Forest Animal Tree House (53x62) Garden Bunnies (34x41) Hot Air Ride (35x44) Juggling Clowns (34x45) Let's Count (39x44)
Baby-Night Prayer (38x57) Baby-Pastel Sun Bonnet Sue (40x61) Baby-Patched Hearts (50x63) Baby-Precious Moments (34x44) Baby-Primary Sun Bonnet Sue (52x76)
Night Prayer (38x57) Pastel Sun Bonnet Sue (40x61) Patched Hearts (50x63) Precious Moments (34x44) Primary Sun Bonnet Sue (52x76)
Baby-Race Car Mickey (32x37) Baby-Retro Baby (42x46) Baby-Rocking Bear (36x45) Baby-Rocking Horse Baby (34x42)  
Race Car Mickey (32x37) Retro Baby (42x46) Rocking Bear (36x45) Rocking Horse Baby (34x42)  

Baby Raffle

Baby Raffle-Sunshine Play Day (33x42) Baby Raffle-Two by Two (35x41)      
Sunshine Play Day (33x42) Two by Two (35x41)      


Wheel-Big-Harley Davidson (86x94)

Wheel-Big-Pretty in Pink (83x99) Wheel-Big-Shades of Blue (88x99) Wheel-Big-Stair Steps (90x108) Wheel-Random Nine Patch (88x96)
Harley Davidson (86x94) Pretty in Pink (83x99) Shades of Blue (88x99) Stair Steps (90x108) Random Nine Patch (88x96)
Wheel-Big-Bees, Butterflies & Daisies (82x98)        
Bees, Butterflies & Daisies (82x98)