Photos of Construction

We have created a photo documentary of our expansion progress. Thank you to Betty Brandt for taking all of the photos.


2009 - Done

2009 - July Almost Done

2009 - June Gym

2009 - June - Curbing Parking Lot and More

2009 - May - Sidewalk and Both Sides of School

2009 Sidewalk and Parking Lot

2009 Parking Lot and Both Sides of School

2009 East and West Sides and Sidewalk

2009 Parking Lot and West Side

2009 East Side and Sewer Project

2009 Block Wall and West Side of School

2008-2009 More Winter Work

2008 Winter work on the Gym and Footings

2008 Fall Ground Breaking

2008 Summer work on the Rectory

Picture of the statue outside Father's house.