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Picture of the church from outside.St. Martin’s Parish was founded in 1885 and is located approximately three miles from the western edge of the city limits of Jefferson City, Missouri. St. Martin’s Parish is extremely proud of our kindergarten-through eighth grade elementary school which provides comprehensive education and related services for children in the surrounding area. Our mission is to help students reach their maximum potential and prepare them for the next level of education, while providing a safe, nurturing and spiritual environment for them. Currently, 97% of St. Martin’s School students attend Helias High school after graduation.

Our school currently has 215 students attending full-time. Enrollment demands continue to increase and some children may be denied access to a Catholic education because our grades are filled to capacity. In order to maintain a teacher-pupil ratio that most benefits the child, our school board policy states that class sizes are to be limited to 20 students per teacher in kindergarten, 25 per teacher in grades1 through 4, and 30 per teacher in grades 5 through 8.

To meet the future needs of our children and our community and to increase our capacity to provide this nurturing and spiritual environment, we have established a 5-year program to complete an expansion and renovation of our current facilities at an estimated cost of $3.5 million dollars. At this writing, over $2.7 million dollars has been raised and/or pledged to our capital fund campaign from the members and friends of our parish family.

St. Martins School is open to secular and non-securlar students.

96% of Helias graduates go on to high education.

Average ACT at Helias 24.1.

Currently there are no public schools in St. Martins, however, there are plans to build a public school within close proximity and our capacity issues may made it attractive for families to send their children to it, stead of investing in a solid fath based quality education at St. Martins.

While we are confident we will reach our goal of $3.5 million.  Our next focus will then become furnishings and technology (both equipment and training).  Technological availability and proficiency will assist in the full realization of our student's potential as well as enhanced skills and productivity for our teachers.

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